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21 Ideas to Inspire Your Husband

  • By CulSire
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  • May 27, 2015
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By Janel Breitenstein

There’s an old joke about one of our presidents walking with his wife, who sees one of her old boyfriends in a less-than-glorious occupation. The president looks at the old boyfriend and remarks, “If you hadn’t married me, you might be married to that guy.”

The first lady answers calmly, “If I had married him, he’d be president.”

Now, occupation is not the measure of a man. But as a wife, you do possess a unique power to inspire your husband. Your loving vision of the man he’s becoming propels him toward greatness—not necessarily by the world’s yardstick of success, or even your own, but of God’s.

When you believe in him, he is secure. He can take the leaps of faith required to surmount fear. He can bear up under pressure, pioneer new territory.

An inspired husband feels the freedom to reach the fullest potential of the man God has created him to be. He’s not merely encouraged. He’s a man who’s empowered; a conqueror. If you want to give your man some “wind beneath his wings”… start here.

Here are the Top 21 Ideas we chose off the 50 Ideas to Inspire Your Husband:

  1. Send him an e-mail. Example: “Praying for you today. Thanks for being so courageous in ___.”
  1. Give him one night on a regular basis to do something he loves.
  1. Ask him about his “bucket list”—the top list of things he’d like to do in his lifetime.
  1. Ask him about some dreams he has—and pray about them together, evaluating them. Then ask how you can help him go after them.
  1. Text him on a stressful day. Example: “REMINDER: I BELIEVE IN U.”
  1. Make sure he feels respected by you.
  1. Be proactive about doing something together that he really enjoys. Make a date, get him excited, and share his enthusiasm!
  1. Pray for him.
  1. Ask God to open your eyes to the ways He has made your husband unique, and to give you wisdom about how to maximize that workmanship.
  1. Ban yourself from nagging, which is the Great Life-Sucker.
  1. Ask, “If I could do one thing that would really empower you and inspire you, what would it be?” Then listen, resist being defensive (the hard part), and follow through.
  1. Buy him something small to stoke the fires: A journal for a writer, some carpentry pencils for a woodworker, some grilling tools for the master chef. Add a sweet note: “Just because I love the way you’re made.”
  1. Find a mutually enjoyable activity you like doing together on a regular basis, even if it’s as simple as playing the Wii together after the kids are in bed.
  1. Create a cheerful atmosphere when he comes home.
  1. Design a date night that will help him to de-stress and have fun.
  1. Discover his “love language,” and become fluent in it.
  1. Pray about and pursue at least one dream of your own, talking with him about it. An inspired wife breeds inspiration.
  1. What’s difficult about his life right now? Pray for his endurance, and encourage him specifically. Galatians 6:9 is a great start for both. Think,What can I do to ease the load he’s carrying?
  1. Send a snail-mail love note to him at the office, affirming him in his work.
  1. In his area of weakness, pray about how to subtly, gently step in and help him.
  1. If and when he messes up, respond with the kind of grace, compassion, and mercy that God gives you. Respond in a way that communicates,You’re safe with me—and I’m not going to rehash your failures. This is a secure place for you to grow … and I love the journey with you.

What do you do to inspire your husband or significant other?

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  • LaNée Javet

    June 4, 2015 , 8:32 pm

    If I had a husband I'd do these…love the ideas for inspiration! If we can inspire those around us we'll ALL grow and move forward.

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