tips to fighting cyberbullying

Tips to Fighting Cyberbullying

Is cyberbullying a big issue? Here are a few interesting and alarming stats: 95% of social media-using teens who have witnessed cruel behavior on social networking sites say they have seen others ignoring the mean behavior; 55% witness this...


The Obamas Warm Wishes For Kwanzaa

The White House issued the following statement from the Obamas on Friday:   “Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to those celebrating Kwanzaa this holiday season.  Today begins a celebration highlighting the rich African American heritage...

being well educated in the 21st century

Being Well Educated in the 21st Century

As an educator who’s nearly fifty years old, I have had the privilege (okay, it wasn’t always a privilege) of hearing many people share their opinions on the value, or lack of value, of education. I’m not sure what it is about me that makes...

Ex-FAMU Band Member Convicted In Hazing Death

Ex-FAMU Band Member Convicted In Hazing Death

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A former Florida A&M band member accused of being the ringleader of a brutal hazing ritual known as “Crossing Bus C” that killed a drum major was convicted Friday of manslaughter and felony hazing. Prosecutors said...