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CulSire 28 Days of Black Love: Derrick and Teresa Joyner!

  • By AnjieBlack
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  • February 1, 2015
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We’re kicking of our 28 Days of Black Love where we celebrate black marriage with the Joyners of Boston, MA!

Derrick and Teresa Joyner  image3
Boston, MA
Married since September 5, 2009

How did you meet?

We met through customers who had recently just started dating. We are both in the hair business, Derrick is a Barber and I’m a Cosmetologist. So his customer would come in, proudly bragging about his new love interest, how he was so happy, how he’s never met someone like her, and how she just might be “The One!”
“She” happened to be one of my longtime customers! She’s telling me the same thing that he was telling Derrick lol!  So, after hearing all of these great stories about my client, Derrick asks his customer if she had a friend…. And here we are today, 7 years later!

How did you know you were the one for each other?

Teresa: I’ll be the first to admit the corniness behind my reason… It was that first date! There was something I had never felt before. A true feeling of comfort within myself, and a willingness to open up to this person! When I don’t know someone, I’m very guarded and don’t trust easily. It didn’t feel like he was running game or anything. He was definitely being himself and I felt safe to completely be me!

Derrick: She kept, and still does, my interest. It was surprising to me! I never knew that I could have so much in common with someone. She was so easy to talk and open up to. From day one, I felt like I was taking to an old friend who knew me in and out. It also made it easy that she was funny from jump and had a great sense of humor. She took nothing personal!

What’s one thing you love the most about your spouse?Culsire 28 days of black love derrick and teresa joyner

Teresa:  I’m never bored when it comes to Derrick.  Even if we’re chilling at home, we’re having a ball!  There’s always some kind of fun nonsense going on.

Derrick:  I love Teresa’s heart!  Never met anyone with such a loving, giving heart.  She keeps me from going off a lot of times lol!

What does it take to have a successful marriage?

For us, we put God first! Can’t move without Him. Then, it’s us! No matter what is going on, we make sure we are good. We do what works for us and we don’t allow anyone to get in our mix! You have to know and love yourself first and then learn and know each other, then you can start growing together. Our love story was so quick! We met, committed to each other two weeks later, got engaged 7 1/2 months later, decided to open a business two months later, and got married that very next year! That can be a setup for all types of mess! However, we remained true to ourselves and each other from the beginning and remained completely open with each other no matter what! We are never afraid to be honest with each other. You’re not going to always like what the other is saying, your feelings might even get hurt, but you have to remember… There is no love in a lie!

Love note to your spouse:

Derrick:  Teresa,I can be a lot of work! A lot of people don’t know how to take me, but you took a risk! You loved me! You prayed for me instead of judging me! You didn’t allow my way to get in your way of loving me! I’m a better person because of you and I love, cherish and respect you with ALL of my being!

Teresa: Derrick, thank you for letting me be me! There are so many complex levels to me and you handle them all with care! You make it so that I can be as open as want. You hold nothing against me and I love you so much for that! You are my heart!!

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