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Daddy’s Little Girl: The First Relationship She Will Have!

  • By Tera Baggett
  • /
  • June 4, 2014
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Daddy’s little girl.  Every little girl’s dream title.

Before my very first date, I remember my dad coming into my room and giving me the “talk”. You know the “talk”! Boys just want one thing and you are not the one to give it to them! He explained to me how to conduct myself, how to recognize warning signs that the guy was a creep, what lines boys use to prey on girls and he stressed that by no means did I let the little boy touch me; period!

When he met my date, my dad shook his hand with aggression and pulled him close and whispered a few threats his way. I was fortunate to have a positive relationship with my father although my parents were divorced. As I continued to date, the talk I shared with my dad always remained in my head and I realized, a girl’s father is the first man that she will ever encounter. He sets the foundation for what men his daughter will or will not date.

Although many women have grown up without their father in their lives, there was a male influence somewhere that set the standard for how she would view relationships. That influence taught us how to approach a relationship, how to process feelings, how to receive love, how to give love and how to handle disagreements.

A woman’s father or father-figure is the first object of her affection. Based on the male figures we encounter in our lives, we seek those qualities, traits and mannerism in our romantic relationships with men.  If you examine the men you have dated, you may find that they had a common characteristic to the active male figure in your life. For example, if a woman grew up watching her dad cheat and display abusive behavior, then she more than likely will be attracted to men who cheat and are abusive.

Women consciously and unconsciously pick partners based on what we are comfortable and knowledgeable of from our life experiences. Women also chose partners who reflect the opposite of their father’s characteristics based on their daddy-daughter relationship or based on witnessing how his treatment affected her mother.

Women who lack a positive relationship with their father more than likely seek that loss of compassion in other ways, which usually leads to unhealthy choices when dating. The void needs to be filled and if daddy will not do it, maybe another man can?


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Tera Baggett

Kateria (Tera) Baggett loves to multi-task as a writer, actress, voice-over artist and online radio host. She received a B.S. in Mass Communications from Texas Woman’s University and certification in Radio Broadcast and Digital Production from American Broadcasting School. Tera is also the owner of Say Something Media & Production, an online blogging and digital production company.


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