Deuces peace sign

Deuces to the Peace Sign selfie?

It may be time to chuck up the deuces to the peace sign selfie. They say the V sign (or peace sign) stands for “Victory” and its origins dates back around the Vietnam War. It became widely popular during the hippie era and now just about anyone will be seen throwing the hand gesture up. But apparently, this is even becoming a problem.

I’m super guilty of throwing up the peace sign in almost all of my pictures.

deuces peace sign

I guess I’ll have to start thinking twice about it because some little brainiacs can apparently take your soul right from your selfie. Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) recently learned that they could copy fingerprints based on photos taken by a digital camera positioned nine feet away from the subject.

“Just by casually making a peace sign in front of a camera, fingerprints can become widely available,” Isao Echizen, NII researcher, told the Sankei Shimbun newspaper. Echizen said in another TV interview that fingerprint data can easily be recreated if the person’s fingers are in focus with strong lighting in a picture.

Fingerprint recognition technology is becoming widely available lately. Computers and smartphones now come with all sorts of biometric technology that allow people to unlock their devices or sign into bank accounts by simply pressing their fingertip on the phone. An example of this is Apple’s Touch ID on iPhones.

The researchers at NII developed a fingerprint anti-theft prevention substance that can obscure and even produce false fingerprints into the frame.

Sounds crazy, right? But it’s not.

The Michigan Police Department asked Michigan State University researcher to help unlock a victim’s phone. The school used scans the police had on file from a previous arrest to 3D print the fingerprints, but they were struggling to find the right conductive material to unlock the phone.

This sounds like a scene right out of a show on the Investigation Discovery Channel.

Many security experts will argue that biometrics are safer than passwords that people create, but unlike passwords, fingerprints can’t be changed to new ones whenever they’re stolen. So next time you want to chuck up the deuces on Instagram, think twice, because you may risk identify theft.

Full story here.


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