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Falling Can Leave You Bruised but Not Broken

  • By Lisa Daniels
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  • November 13, 2014
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I fell down.

No really – I fell down! I didn’t mean that as some super deep spiritual metaphor for having transgressed, sinned, or fallen short of the glory of God. Nope, nothing like that, no hidden meanings. I literally fell. Down. On the ground. Scraped my knee, tore my leather gloves and got dirt and leaves down the front of my black wool coat. What was I doing? And how did I land, face first, on the ground?

While on my way to work this particular morning, I exited the train station and noticed the bus I needed to catch across the street preparing to leave. Instinctively I began to run across the boulevard and tripped. Before I knew it, I was headed downward, unable to stop. I hit the ground. Hard! And it didn’t end there. I slid across the grass. Yep, slid. Like a baseball player, diving into home base. All the while I’m thinking, “seriously Lord? You are all-knowing and MUST be fully aware that I am waaaaay too old for this foolishness”.

Once I realized there was no bleeding and no broken pieces—except those of my now shattered ego—I stood to my feet, spit the grass out of my mouth, brushed the dead leaves from the front of my coat and walked to the bus that was still there waiting patiently.  The driver kindly asked if I were okay. I assured her I was fine, then quickly found a seat. The moment I sat down, almost uncontrollably, tears like rushing waters began to flow. Although I wasn’t experiencing any physical pain, it was the weight of emotions I had been carrying over the preceding months that had finally, in this moment, exceeded my capacity to bear them any longer. It had been only seven months since the youngest son, Darren—who was 25 years-old at the time—was shot and killed; then not long thereafter, the same man who, in the presence of God and friends, promised to love, honor and cherish me till death, had come to the realization that I was no longer the woman for him and disgracefully began the process toward the dissolution of our union. Loss and rejection of this magnitude could be potentially devastating for anyone, but to be anchored with the promises of God – the knowledge of His love, the sufficiency of His grace and the comfort of His spirit minimizes the recovery time. And even with all of that—today—I had reached a breaking point.

The following morning physical side-effects had set in and this fifty year-old body was aching. So, back to bed I went; but not before taking two Aleve for the physical and the Word of God for the emotional wounds. And it wasn’t long before I began to feel “my help coming on” as I engulfed myself in the comfort of His assurances, reminding me that I am an overcomer, that my power and healing are in Him and that in my weakest state He is my strength. The aches and pains (physical and emotional) began to subside and with the soothing, came peace. The peace that surpasses ALL understanding. I realized that with all that had taken place in the recent months leaving my heart broken in several places—I am still complete. I realized that neither the death of my son nor the end of my marriage had taken any pieces of me with them but instead forced me closer to the Father enabling me to become more of the “me” He created.

This period of time (even with its avalanche of heartache) had not left me buried so deep that I was unable to see the light of God’s unchanging hand or feel the comfort of His undying love. I am alive and able to share this story of His glory. My fall to the ground was public (exposed to the general view) as was the series of life-changing events. However the beauty in it all is that anyone able to bear witness—either up close and personal or from afar off—was able to see a myriad of things, and one constant – God’s grace and His unconditional love unfolding every step of the way.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalms 147:3

This post originally appeared on My Life is Not My Own, an inspirational blog site where life stories, personal reflection and spiritual revelation are shared.

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Lisa Daniels

Lisa D. Daniels is a writer living in Chicago. She authors an inspirational blog where she shares messages based on life experience interwoven with scriptural validity with all who desire to see God’s love in “real life”. To read more visit www.mylifeisnotmyown.net.


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