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Help Wanted for interns, apprentices, and businesses/entrepreneurs that are interested in gaining experience or partnering for strategic alignment working with us in Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Web Design/Development, Graphic Design and as a Contributing Writer. The world of online marketing is progressively growing, while the fundamentals of sound business practice remain traditionally basic. Our focus is on merging several key human capital strategies together, to increase performance, productivity and profitability for all.

Who We Are… channels information that entertains, educates, and builds networks by taking the vastness of the global world and scaling it down to information that impacts Black communities across the nation relating to: education, business, finance, employment, news and politics, history, and health. We strive to educate, elevate, and empower Black people by providing a collision between our cultural distinction and our desire for continuous excellence.

We are positioned to be the largest online network of entrepreneurs, businesses, resources, services, and information impacting Black people across the nation.

Help Wanted Requirements:

You must possess high energy to become successful in your future. You must have great communicational skills. You need to possess the ability to learn from those around you and apply what you have learned. You must be coachable and possess a winning attitude.

Open Positions:

culsire help wanted purpleWe are looking for a qualified intern as a Web Designer/Developer. This position is for individuals from computer science or computer engineering majors with excellent logical, creative, and problem solving skills who are looking to be challenged, and have their skills be tested in a fast paced, collaborative environment. You need to have at least basic coding/developer  experience, and the ability to work independently.

culsire help wanted goldGuest writing/blogging has become a general trend in which a website publishes content written by another author. The association between the Guest Contributor / Writer and website is equally beneficial to both. While the website is able to gain quality content, the Guest Contributor gets fame and experience which has a good effect on his/her own blogging/web-site.

culsire help wanted redCulSire CEO is in need of a qualified apprentice as an Executive Assistant/Manager. This is a great opportunity to learn business functionality from an administrative role. Applicant should be able to assist with a variety of administrative duties, including Internet research, reports, file/data management, and project coordination. This position offers a lot of variety and interesting projects.

culsire help wanted purpleWe are seeking a qualified intern, apprentice, or a strategic alignment partner for our Marketing and Social Media Assistant, which will take on a variety of marketing, sales, and social media campaigns. This person should bring fresh new ideas and be able to take over the marketing and social media aspect of this growing company.

culsire help wanted goldWe are looking for a few hardworking individuals with bright attitudes and good communication skills as Business Development/Sales interns/apprentices. Your main duties will include: researching potential clients, establishing the most effective way to reach out, actually reaching out, promoting our services and following up. This is a PAID position.

culsire help wanted redWe’re looking for an amazing Graphic Designer intern to be part of our creative team. The creative team is responsible for protecting our brand and keeping our messaging consistent. Direct responsibilities include content creation (design based), website updates, designing/developing promotional items, marketing materials, etc.

culsire help wanted purpleCulSire is seeking a Copy Editor intern to assist in proofreading/copyediting content for the website. We are looking for someone who is extremely detail-oriented, reliable, has excellent research skills and is meticulous about producing 100% error-free work. This internship is ideal for a journalism student looking for editorial and research experience at a progressive and growing company.

culsire help wanted goldCulSireTV is looking for a Video Assistant to help add videos to our website and YouTube channel. CulSire.TV is a new, innovative platform to view programming that is culturally sensitive to the Black community. We specialize in web-series, web commercials, online video training courses, and so much more.

CulSire offers year round internships to undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates. Apprenticeships are offered to anyone who is in career transition that would like to add skills that can enhance their resumes.

Learn how to operate a company from the ground up. If you have ever wanted to own your own business this will be a great experience for you. Be apart of the next BIG THING from the beginning! 

Please email your resume of interest or questions to and reference the position of interest in the subject field.