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Law of Intentions: You Get What You Attract

  • By Pauline Haynes
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  • October 26, 2014
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I’ve been pondering the times in my life when I have been truly intentional about creating or having something specific happen in my life, and I recognize that that process was, and still is, effortless.

When we hear the words “Law of Attraction,” we think its magic, or something reserved for the chosen few. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all practitioners of that law. Even by default, we are using the law of attraction. A good reason to be in conscious activation, rather than happenstance.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. So choose a direction. Be clear. Take action.
law of intention you get what you attract

As I write this, there are two instances that come to mind where the law of intention/attraction was very active in my favor. Of course there are many other times, but these two are vying for center stage.

When I became pregnant with my first child, I knew I wanted a boy. From the moment I conceived, I was aware of HIS masculine presence. There was never a question in my relating to him as anything but a HE. My diagnosis as to his gender was without the help of ultrasound. It was momma knowledge. I was absolutely unequivocally clear that this being, stirring inside me – this boy, was ready to be part of our tribe.

I read to him. Played music to him. Sang to him. We had conversations about all manner of things. Well, he was non-communicative. He listened. He was always present to my ramblings . He was attentive. As a baby, he would look deep into my soul, and connect with me in a way that no other human being has.

To this day, some forty years later, when my son is at his best (by that I men he is not preoccupied with his family and his life), he is still attentive to what I say. Only now, he has options. He can choose to tune me out, walk away or simply ask me to be quiet.

There have been many other times when the law of attraction has worked for me in equally profound and immediate ways.

Take the day I woke up, with my very first conscious thought being, I don’t want to be married anymore. Just that. No reasoning, no wondering. Just the clear, pure thought.

While taking a shower, my wedding ring fell off my finger and disappeared down the drain. Is that law of attraction showing up on schedule or what?

There have been numerous other times when that conscious attraction has worked, and yet, there are times when I struggle to have the simplest things manifest.

As I study the law of attraction/intention  more, I know that the Universe is always on time. Always listening. Always granting exactly what I ask for. That is when I recognize that I do have the power. When I am humble and grateful!

I make a point of keeping my thoughts and intentions stayed on exactly what I want.

Are you clear about what you want to attract in your life today?

Ask and it is given. Knock and the doors are opened. Seek and ye shall find.

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Pauline Haynes

Pauline Hines spent over 25 years in championing the causes of women and individuals who want to be their best. As a Certified Life Coach she helps them create meaning, find purpose and success in their lives.


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