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Local News

  • This newspaper is the leading news provider for African Americans in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area and the longest running African American, family-owned newspaper in the US.
  • This publication is Black Atlanta’s leading source for business, careers, technology and wealth-building.
  • The newspaper has the largest audited and circulated newspaper reaching the most diverse African American market in the Atlanta metropolitan area.
  • With many different sections to choose from, such as news, editorials, sports, lifestyles, etc, this is a comprehensive newspaper for the African American community.
  • The Black Star News is New York’s leading investigative newspaper. The great team at BSN makes the publication even possible.
  • Providing news for the Boston’s Black community members is not all the newspaper does. It also includes editorials and opinions, as well as archives to past issues.
  • A network of newspapers in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus who’s aim is focused on networking, educating and providing economic empowerment to all minority cultures.
  • The Carolina Peacemaker is part of the BlackPressUSA network, and it has served as North Carolina’s leading news weekly since 1967.
  • Now a weekly paper in Chicago, this newspaper was once the only daily Black publication in the country. CNN contributor Roland Martin used to be the publisher.
  • Weekly newspaper based in Columbus Ohio that focuses on local and national African American news and issues.
  • This publication serves the African American community through its news, opinion, entertainment, business and religion sections.
  • This online publication is the Electronic Urban Report for Black entertainment news – including music, film, and television. Run by Lee Baily of Rabercom Enterprises, this site has tons of loyal visitors.
  • The Final Call was founded by Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Readers can either read online, or they can subscribe to the full print edition.
  • Insight News is the journal for community news, business and arts. It was started in 1974 and seeks to provide preferred access to Black consumers for business, agencies and organizations.
  • The largest newspaper on the west coast that focuses primarily on African American content. This paper was recently acquired by The Baker Group – a black-owned real estate developer.
  • This publication is the largest minority-owned newspaper in the Southeast United States. It reports on African American issues in South Florida and nationally.
  • The Michigan Chronicle is the state’s most respected African American publication. It is an award winning publication that was founded in 1936.
  • This newspaper provides news, op-ed, sports, and classifieds, among other things, to its African American community of readers.
  • The Free Press is the voice of the Monroe area African American community. In addition to news and sports, it provides Black facts and local history.
  • Part of the BlackUSAPress network, this paper is one of New York’s largest and most influential Black-owned and operated business institutions.
  • The New Pittsburgh Courier is one of the oldest and most prestigious Black newspapers in the United States, established in 1907.
  • New York’s finest African American Newspaper is part of the BlackPressUSA network. It provides readers with an array of categories to choose from.
  • The Tribune includes information in categories including, but not limited to, news headlines, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports.
  • This newspaper in Sacramento offers weekly news on African American issues, entertainment, business and more. This paper has won many awards, and is a favorite to many.
  • The Bay Review is a national black newspaper that includes front page news, editorial and commentary, and web exclusives, in addition to an assortment of other items of interest.
  • This publication is a newspaper that is designed to “Elevate the Dialogue” throughout the African Diaspora. It is the most influential weekly newspaper in South Florida serving the African-American and Caribbean community.



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