People now spend 1 billion hours a day on YouTube

Yes. You read it right. YouTube announced yesterday that people watch 1 billion hours per day on their platform in 2016.  This milestone is huge for many reasons, but the one that stands out the most is OPPORTUNITY. If humans are spending 1 billion hours per day on YouTube, this presents a unique opportunity for someone without the capital for a huge marketing campaign, to get themselves or their product in front those eyes.

A few years back, we made a big decision at YouTube. While everyone seemed focused on how many views a video got, we thought the amount of time someone spent watching a video was a better way to understand whether a viewer really enjoyed it. It wasn’t an easy call, but we thought it would help us make YouTube a more engaging place for creators and fans. And last year, we hit a big milestone on that journey: people around the world are now watching a billion hours of YouTube’s incredible content every single day! Let’s put that in perspective. If you were to sit and watch a billion hours of YouTube, it would take you over 100,000 years.

Think it’s hard to reach this? According to some calculations, 1 billion hours is equivalent to every human watching 8.4 minutes per day. We know every human doesn’t have access to YouTube, but think of the hundreds of millions that do. Think of all the times a video appeared on your Facebook newsfeed, or all the Superbowl wardrobe malfunctions you missed and you ran to YouTube to watch. We see videos with 20 million views all the time. How many cute cat or baby videos that go viral.  Or the unfortunate and tragic murders of unarmed Black men and women by the police caught on film.

YouTube just blew this media distribution thing out the water. It’ll be interesting to see what Facebook will do to rival this.


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