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Remy Ma: “I do not condone or recommend the tearing down of another female.”

As a lover of hip hop, we understand the history and role of battle rap. It’s a staple. Right along with the DJ, breaking, and an emcees ability to freestyle.  The internet was on fire over Remy Ma’s diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj. We never discussed it because, well, we really didn’t care and we were simply just over Black women tearing each other down.

Now, it looks like Remy is feeling the same way.

“I do not condone or recommend the tearing down of another female. That’s not what I do,” she said on Wednesday.

“Anybody that knows me knows that I embrace females. I think we work so much better when we work together and when we help each other. However, in the event that you piss me off and we become archenemies, run for cover.”

“It just bothers me that this record that I put out where it’s literally picking apart a female went so viral, and every media outlet wants to talk about it and pick it up,” Rem explained. “I feel like we could’ve done the same thing working together. I just personally think it would’ve been so much cooler…if we came together and made something crazy […] It could’ve been totally different. I don’t regret [“Shether“], but I’m not particularly proud of it.”

Since there’s not many women in the industry, it would be nice that a collabo happens after this.  Or maybe, that was always the goal?


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