Black Manifesto

The Black Manifesto

On this day ____________, WE, declare that this public declaration is our bold, somewhat rebellious call to action. This statement of principles challenges our assumptions fosters our commitment, and provokes change.

The future of our people depends on what we do this very moment. It’s no longer fashionable to be indifferent to poor (or brown) people suffering. It’s no longer fashionable to be indifferent to injustice and oppression. It’s no longer fashionable to be indifferent to the bloodshed on our streets. It’s no longer fashionable to be indifferent to global white supremacy. It’s no longer fashionable to discount, degrade and abuse each other.


The family is the staple of the Black community and the most valuable asset we possess. Rebuilding our families is imperative to the forward movement of the community. The Black Family consists of two or more people who are committed to love, appreciate and support each member of the group. Dedicated to the concerted effort to build, uplift and unify within the nucleus – strengthening the core which expands beyond the family and into the community.

As members of a Black Family, we manifest:

  • To restore the Black man to his rightful place as the King of the household, husband to his Queen and father of his children – securing positive imagery and an example for future generations.
  • To view Black women as the Queens they are, with integrity, perseverance and a sass that no other woman walking the face of the earth has.
  • To fight negative stereotypes in our community and around the world which is fueled by reality television and mainstream media.
  • To strengthen relationships through conversation, understanding and open dialogue about the issues that keep us apart.
  • To provide solutions and strategies that will help build the bridge that will help us find our way back to each other.

The Black community has traditionally been referred to and operated as a harmonious village. It is a group of individuals linked by lineage. The village is responsible for growth, leverage and legacy; passing on wisdom and pushing for prosperity.

As members of the Black community, we manifest:

  • To work together as a unified group to rebuild our community to mirror the example of successful Black communities of our past. Coming together as individuals and organizations to see our community be successful, strong and thriving.
  • To set aside differences and self-serving agendas.
  • To internalize the mantra, “all for one, and one for all.”
  • To develop an undeniable oneness with the community.

Black economics is the process of procuring assets in an effort to declare REAL independence and ensure a safe and secure environment for future generations.

As Black innovators, business owners, workers, and consumers, we manifest:

  • To build businesses and create jobs in our community to promote community development
  • To lower our unemployment rate
  • To increase the average median household income
  • To support the growth and expansion of Black businesses in our community
  • To buy property
  • To save our historical sites
  • To donate to the campaigns of political figures that represent us
  • To raise financially conscious children
  • Live beneath my means to build savings for the future.

Knowledge is power and the truth overrides all other matters of storytelling. Knowledge tells us who we are as a people. Truth shared by community elders and professional educators teaches our youth about their ancestors who were royalty, inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists and beyond; giving our community, and the world, a true representation of who we are. Sharing this truth with society, our youth and future generations will create strong legacies.

As individuals dedicated to the transfer of knowledge and truth, we manifest:

  • To educate from a historical perspective
  • To encourage ownership, as opposed to an employee mentality, and fill in the gaps that will prepare our youth for success
  • To mentor whenever possible
  • To challenge mainstream academia and encourage creative thinking from our youth

The ongoing effort to educate and empower each other from birth to the grave through information that restores and heals our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Black wellness is the foundation of our effectiveness. We must be WELL to love, grow, prosper and educate.

As individuals dedicated to living well, we manifest:

  • To educate ourselves about the pros and cons of what we ingest
  • To getting annual check-ups and well-woman/well-man appointments with a health professional
  • To exercise regularly
  • To get an understanding of our family’s health history and pass that information on to our children
  • To erase the stigma attached to Black mental health



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