Have you ever left your city on a flight across the nation and wondered what was happening in the Black community in your destination city? 

As a Black business owner, have you ever wanted to connect with like-minded business leaders across the nation? 

As a parent, have you wished for one place where you could find positive resources, information about education, scholarships, and youth organizations for your child? 

What about the yearning to have one website where you can be connected to several Black communities all in “one” place?

LaNée Javet is the CEO of Legacy Jeté Brand Media, the founder of CulSire, and she is a Mogul Business Architect who helps entrepreneurs and businesses elevate to their mogul stature. She too has those same desires for connectivity of Black communities and information.  She had the idea to create a platform that would be dedicated to the strength and resilience of the Black culture and the desires of all those who struggled and fought for the life and rights that she and many others have today.  An environment that would cultivate a more connected global Black community through a one stop shop for Black information and from those aspirations… CulSire was born.

It all started back in 2003 when LaNée’s son was two years old.  She considered how the world would receive this Black boy and one day, this Black man and wrote down everything she wanted to change to ensure him a great education, inclusion, an understanding of his value, the same access, limitless opportunities, and a strong sense of community, amongst many other things.  Though she revised the list each year, it wasn’t until we had a Black President being openly attacked in the White House, a further decline in race relations, and a disconnection of our Black communities that she knew it was time to do something to help Black people help Black people.  No more dreaming or lists.  It was time to take action!

LaNée Javet was raised by her single mother, along with two younger sisters, in Southern California. She definitely understands hard work, struggle, and life challenges because she grew up watching her mother work several jobs to make ends meet and her father go in and out of jail.  As you can imagine, this was initially very troubling for her as a child and she lost her way for a moment, but later, the birth of her son and her growing entrepreneurial craving to do something unprecedented for the Black community took full control.

LaNée’s goal was to help Black businesses grow, give young people something affirming and different to look at, and to connect communities with provocative information through a single hub.  She thought, “We can’t get on the same page as a people because there’s no one page.”  There’s no one single place to be connected, to access resources, and to find out what’s happening in our communities across the nation.

The focus of the platform is to represent the aspirations we have as a people, which are the same that our ancestors had (those desires haven’t changed in centuries), and that is to see our children grow up to be healthy, educated, engaging adults who are free to define their own lives without restriction.  Add to that focus a representation of how Black people live, the way we see ourselves, how we engage, our experiences and customs, basically, our culture and you have “CulSire” – where culture meets desire.

LaNée believes we have to take steps today, in this generation, if we’re going to improve life for the next generations and to do that, we have to be well-informed.  LaNée launched CulSire.com on March 15, 2014, to be the premier lifestyle, education, entertainment, and empowerment destination for people of color around the world.

LaNée’s ultimate vision is to see CulSire be a single point that includes state/city pages where you can find out what’s happening in your community and others. A place where you can find career resources, Black business directories, Black history, events, historical site information, and other points of unity.  Where you can find education, youth resources and scholarship information, and where Black family, life, beauty and positive images are show cased.

The commitment to this endeavor did not come without intentional sacrifice.  Realizing it would be a huge undertaking and commitment to initiate this type of movement, LaNée worked while she went back to school and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Innovation and her Master’s in Business Administration.  Then in 2013, she resigned from her corporate position to pursue her vision full-time.

LaNée Javet brings a true entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to better the Black community. She believes that CulSire will not only help the state of Black people in our generation but will also cultivate a better global Black community for us all. She is committed to the advancement of that global community today more than ever before.