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She’s Not Interested! Why Women Refuse to Date You

  • By Tera Baggett
  • /
  • July 9, 2014
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She’s amazing. She’s beautiful and smart. She would make the perfect girlfriend, but there is one problem: she will not give you the time of day! You wonder what it is that makes her not attracted to you. Well men, if you fit any the following, this may be why she is not into you.

  1. You are cheap

There is a difference between being money conscious and being cheap. This goes beyond paying for a date with a Groupon. You look at the woman to pay, all the time.  If the check comes and you go to the restroom, more than likely she is not going to dig that into you.

  1. You are some-timesy

You go any way the wind blows. You can be sensitive and kind one moment and moody and rude the next. You’re mood changes more than any woman’s. Major turn-off!

  1. You are too involved with your family

We love a man who takes care of his children, who loves his parents and treats his mother and sisters like queens. But if he has unhealthy boundaries with his family; for example, your mother dictates your decisions, you have to tell your big brother your whereabouts, wants to know about your sex life! Unhealthy boundaries will lead to a relationship disaster.

  1. You have too much baggage

You have five kids by four different women, you want a relationship but you are still married. You are trying to make a mark on this world or you’re working so much that we have to schedule a text message conversation. You have too much going on.

  1. You lack confidence

You are afraid to say what’s on your mind, what you want from us, you are just afraid to talk to us period. Women like men who are confident and who have swag. If you are too shy and too afraid to even say “hi”, you will continue to fly under her radar.

  1. You are too needy

You want to spend every moment with us. You hate for us to have personal time and the occasional girl’s night out. You will call us every twenty minutes to check on us. You are smothering.

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Tera Baggett

Kateria (Tera) Baggett loves to multi-task as a writer, actress, voice-over artist and online radio host. She received a B.S. in Mass Communications from Texas Woman’s University and certification in Radio Broadcast and Digital Production from American Broadcasting School. Tera is also the owner of Say Something Media & Production, an online blogging and digital production company.


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